Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Fire Causes Problems in Disneyland

As widely reported by various news sources, a vicious wildfire beginning on Sunday (March 11) hit the Anaheim Hills, forcing hundreds of families to evacuate their homes. Disneyland, located in Anaheim, was not in any serious danger, although the park did have its share of wildfire-related problems.

By Opus1guy, Mouse Planet member
Smoke from the fire, as seen in Tomorrowland.

Guests to the park reported problems caused from the fire, although mostly smoke-related issues. "There was...quite a bit of ash falling," one Mouse Planet user claimed. "[I] saw a couple [of Cast Members] working with masks."

While some guests shrugged off the fire, stating that it wasn't too big of an issue, others were irritated by the vast amount of ash and smoke. "My eyes are stinging quite badly today," a guest said, while another described her unique lunch at the Carnation Café. "By the time we came out of the Café, ash was falling everywhere," she said. "When we got to our cars...they were covered in a light coating of ash."

Fortunately, the fire is nearly completely contained as of today. In fact, the wildfire went from being 30% contained to 70% contained all in the course of yesterday. (The cause, in case you were wondering, was reportedly a car fire.)

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mickeyfan said...

I heard today that they think the car was stolen and set on fire to destroy the evidence. Hope they get the individual(s) that did it!