Friday, April 27, 2007

Club 33

Though often discussed by Disneyland fans, many are unaware of what Club 33 really is.

Located in New Orleans Square, Club 33 is open to members only, and is known for being the sole place in the park which sells alcoholic beverages. Becoming a member is something to celebrate on its own--the waiting list is said to be years long, and the least-expensive membership (the Gold Membership) has a member fee of $9,500, along with an annual fee of $3,175.

The entrance to Club 33 - DISNEYLANDCLUB33.COM

You may have yet to discover Club 33 for yourself, and there's a good reason for it: The club is practically hidden in its location next to the Blue Bayou restaurant. Thousands of people pass by the door each and everyday, with only a select few knowing what lies behind it.

The famous elevator in the club - MKT3000.COM / 2004

If you ever become fortunate enough to become a member, take advantage of it. Members have heaps of benefits: Renting the entire club for a special event, entering Disneyland without a ticket and being able to stay all day, and getting the chance to see a new attraction before it opens to the public, along with many other benefits.

Like I previously mentioned, however, becoming a member takes years and thousands of dollars. For now, however, you can easily take a picture-tour by means of the many Club 33 websites.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

It's quiet in Disneyland; too quiet

News relating to the park has been rather scarce lately, seeing as how construction on many attractions is still going strong, and nothing out of the ordinary has occurred. A user from MousePlanet reported that the Penny Arcade is currently closed due to floor replacement and that Splash Mountain is being tested (it's going under refurbishment as I'm typing this), though that's the most notable of all updates.

The Penny Arcade is closed at the moment - DARKBEER.SMUGMUG.COM / 2007

As always, I'll be sure to inform you of any breaking news in Disneyland. For now, feel free to leave any requests you may have for specially-themed posts (i.e. Disneyland Resort hotels, Tomorrowland, etc.), as I've got little else to talk about!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Disney's Best Kept Secret

Have you ever been tempted to purchase the "perfect" souvenir at Disneyland, only to find that it is more than over your budget? No need to become upset any longer--simply visit your local Disney Character Warehouse Outlet Store and get the item you want for unbelievable prices!

Please note that this post is not intended to look/sound like an advertisement--I merely wanted to inform all of you Disneyland fans of this amazing place: I visited yesterday and saved a whopping $210+!

The front of the store. Picture taken by me.
While the store is not affiliated with the Disney Company/Disneyland, they manage to have hundreds of authentic items from the park, likely purchased from a wholesale auction. Items that originally went for $30 can be purchased for $5--I have proof! Remember the gold 50th Anniversary Mickey ears that went for nearly $12 at the park? They're only $.99 here!

I spent $102 here and later calculated the items to be worth over $315. There was a section dedicated to 50th Anniversary souvenirs, which was one of my personal favorite sections!

Along with 50th Anniversary sections, the store was home to a vast amount of Disneyland pins, shirts, mouse ears, magnets, bags, plates, watches, framed prints, books, candy, stuffed toys, glasses, mugs, hats, and much more.

This limited edition 50th Anniversary plate went for well over $30 at the park and on websites--I got it for $6.99! Picture taken by me.
The store I visited, located at the Prime Outlets Burlington (WA), closes on May 15. Don't worry, however, as this is a traveling store--it will return to Washington within time!

If you don't live in Washington, you still have a chance to visit the stores. Currently, Disney Outlets are located in California, Nevada, Utah, and Oregon. Visit the official website for more information, and have fun shopping!