Wednesday, April 25, 2007

It's quiet in Disneyland; too quiet

News relating to the park has been rather scarce lately, seeing as how construction on many attractions is still going strong, and nothing out of the ordinary has occurred. A user from MousePlanet reported that the Penny Arcade is currently closed due to floor replacement and that Splash Mountain is being tested (it's going under refurbishment as I'm typing this), though that's the most notable of all updates.

The Penny Arcade is closed at the moment - DARKBEER.SMUGMUG.COM / 2007

As always, I'll be sure to inform you of any breaking news in Disneyland. For now, feel free to leave any requests you may have for specially-themed posts (i.e. Disneyland Resort hotels, Tomorrowland, etc.), as I've got little else to talk about!

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Anonymous said...

do you know about club 33? my friend is trying desperately to become a member, and i've never heard of it so if you do could you post about it? thanks!