Tuesday, July 24, 2007

$1,000,000,000+ to improve Disney's California Adventure: What would you do?

disneymike on flickr.com
Amidst the speculation over Disney approving over $1 billion to help improve Disney's California Adventure, I thought it'd be interesting to get some of my reader's opinions.

In his recent update on MiceAge.com, Al Lutz let it slip that "DCA may be getting the biggest budget [between Disneyland and DCA]," while Blue Sky Disney reported on July 18 that "the budget has been approved ... it's a great deal of money." The figure has now been named as over $1 billion, all of which will go towards fixing up DCA.

After its 2001 debut, California Adventure had a mixed reaction from Disney fans. The attendance statistics don't help this fact; in 2002 Disney reported only 4.7 million guests instead of the predicted 7 million.

For a park that reportedly cost $650 million to build, $1 billion is a lot of money that could help a great deal in improving the scenery and attractions. What are your thoughts? What should Disney look to improve first? What shouldn't they improve?


Anonymous said...

I say a revamp of the Paradise Pier area, plus some more attractions on the Hollywood walk to Tower of Terror would be nice!

Anonymous said...

there is not enough really Disney rides it should have parts of Epcot, Disney's Hollywood Studios and Disney's Animal Kingdom in Florida, i have vistited both California and Florida and was disappointed with the lack of rides in California adventure.

i would like to see rides like

Test Track, Mission Space, The Rock n Roll Coaster, Disney Studio's tour, Dinosaur's ride, and more shows in my view there simply is not enough to do in DCA, and they made it more like every other theme park and taken the focus off Disney and its magic and characters