Friday, March 28, 2008

We could call it Rossii Disnejlend...

Although there's no current plans to open a theme park in the country, fashion magazine Vogue Russia recently featured a spread with Minnie Mouse, leading me to think of what Disneyland Russia (if there ever was one) would look like.

Model Masha Tyelna and Minnie Mouse ham it up in Moscow. Vogue Russia, 2008.

The characters would likely dress in traditional Russian fashion, restaurants could serve potatoes, borsch, and kasha (porridge), and rides would be set in buildings like those in Red Square. Sounds pretty nice, right?

Well, for now there's little official talk of a Russian Disneyland. However, fans of Disney will note that it's always interesting to discuss the possibility!

That being said, how would you all feel about a Disneyland Russia? Or is there another location where Disney would fit in better (like those listed in the current poll)?


mickeyfan said...

NO WAY, I would not like to see a disney park in Russia!

Anonymous said...

maybe the castle could be set up like St. Basil's Cathedral.

D :