Saturday, January 20, 2007

Disney Cruise Line: Returning to California in 2008

While this isn't entirely Disneyland-related, I still figure it's worth a read. According to Mouse Planet, the Disney Cruise line will return to the Port of Los Angeles in 2008.

"The agreement is for May 1, 2008 through September 15, 2008, identical to the lease signed when the ship first visited California in 2005. Disney has not made any announcement about potential itineraries, but the lease dates suggest that the West Coast operation will be similar to the 2005 schedule: one west-bound Panama Canal repositioning cruise, likely departing Port Canaveral on May 17 and arriving in Los Angeles the morning of May 31; 12 7-day cruises departing each Saturday between May 31 and August 17; and then a east-bound Panama Canal transit to return the ship to Port Canaveral, likely departing on August 23 ... Disney is expected to release the 2008 itinerary on January 17, but reservations will not open until January 31."
Excellent news! This means that I can now find an excuse to visit Disneyland next summer: Not only could I visit the Happiest Place on Earth, but also take a Disney cruise!

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