Thursday, January 25, 2007

Splash Mountain Closed Until Late May

One of Disneyland's legendary attractions, Splash Mountain (located in Critter Country), is closed due to refurbishment until late May, according to Mouse Planet.

Splash Mountain © Disney

A Mouse Planet user commented with the following:
"Besides the normal refurbmishment and drying out the of the logs, they are replacing the entire lift mechanisms for lift A, lift B, and half of lift C. The other half was replaced in the last major refurb. These motors and related equipment have gone past the expected life span, and really need to be replaced, therefore the extended closure.

"The current schedule has the ride reopening in late May, but as with any major refurb, they can sometimes find other things that need repair, which could delay the reopening."
As soon as I find some pictures/information, I'll post it here. (But you already know that!)

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mickeyfan said...

Another great update on what's happening at Disneyland. Have you heard any rumors on any other rides that may be shut down for work this summer?