Monday, January 22, 2007

Sleeping Beauty Castle Refurbishment

Sleeping Beauty Castle is currently being refurbished, much to the distaste of Disneyland fans alike.

Sleeping Beauty Castle under refurbishment © garbagepixie at LiveJournal

Although the official cause of refurbishment is currently unknown, a user at the Mouse Planet Disneyland forums said the following:
"I was told several months ago that the inside of the castle has structural problems and basically the whole building needs to be torn down and replaced. Instead of Disneyland putting a band-aid on the problem by repainting and patching, its [sic] probably smarter for them to demo the castle and build a new modern steel structure, identical to the current wooden frame structure. I am sure the castle has lots of termite damage and the wood frame is in very bad shape."
As the Disneyland Expert, I will keep you updated on any breaking news on the castle.

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This is not good news.. please keep us updated as to what the heck is going on there!

PS- Cool Site :-)