Sunday, February 11, 2007

Disneyland Then and Now: Characters Edition

This post is the first of a vast amount of related posts to come--all suitably titled Disneyland Then and Now. The posts, as expected, will follow a "vintage Disneyland vs. modern Disneyland" theme, comparing vintage (1950's-1980's) to modern (1990's-2000's) Disneyland.

The first edition in this series will center around Disneyland characters. As anyone who has visited Disneyland can tell you, characters play a major role in the park. Seeing how nearly everything in Disneyland has gone through ~1 refurbishment in its lifetime, it's only expected that the characters have had their share of makeovers, too.

From top to bottom: Mickey/Minnie; White Rabbit, Alice, and Mad Hatter; Goofy.

As you can tell, vintage characters had a much different appearance than characters these days. Some changes are more prominent, others not--while the size of Mickey's head in the early days of the park is obviously gigantic compared to now, some might not notice that Goofy's hat color changed, or that Minnie's shoes are no longer green.

What are your thoughts/opinions? Do you prefer the old look of the characters, or do you enjoy the new, modern take on Disney characters?
Photo credits: Disneyland Postcards.

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mickeyfan said...

Wow, some of the characters have changed quite a bit. I think that the oversized heads that the vintage characters had seem a little intimidating for youngsters. The modern look seems more kid friendly to me. Nice addition to your blog!