Thursday, February 08, 2007

Disney's California Adventure's 6th Anniversary

Disney's California Adventure | Photograph by Sam Antonio

Happy Anniversary, California Adventure! Six years ago today, the sister park of Disneyland opened to the public. Throughout the years, the park has experienced its share of ups and downs, and whether or not you're for or against it, we should all recognize this piece of Disneyland history.


mickeyfan said...

When I visited California Adventure's I noticed some closed attractions and eateries. Have you heard of any plans to add anything to replace these? Thankfully they added the Tower of Terror, the ride saves this park!

Nicole said...

Hi, mickeyfan--

There are currently a few attractions being refurbished in the park, and one brand new one being built. Toy Story Mania, located in Paradise Pier, will open in summer of 2008.

I currently don't have any information on new restaurants being constructed on in the park. For a list of the current eateries open in DCA, click here.

mickeyfan said...

Thanks for the extra info. I went to Mouse Planet and it mentioned a new ride called Midway Mania in the Paradise Pier land. It is slated to open summer 2008. Is this the same ride as the one you mentioned (Toy Story Mania)?


Tower of Terror ROCKS!