Saturday, February 10, 2007

Tom Sawyer Island No More

Tom Sawyer Island | Mouse Planet

To all you Tom Sawyer Island devotees, I'm sorry. A major revamp for the beloved attraction has been announced--a pirate theme will be added, and the name will change to Pirates Lair at Tom Sawyer Island. This announcement comes in lieu of the third Pirates of the Caribbean movie premiere at Disneyland--in fact, the refurbishment is expected to be nearly complete by the premiere in mid-2007.

Tom Sawyer Island is one of the few attractions designed solely by Walter Disney left in Disneyland. Since its 1956 opening, the island has garnered a vast amount of loyal fans, many who are upset over the recent refurbishment news.


mickeyfan said...

Not sure if that is good or bad news. Too bad that so many of Walt's original ideas are going away but it sounds like an interesting concept combining the Pirates and Tom Sawyer Island. Keep us posted!


This is *not* good news. that was one of the classic places at disney land.