Sunday, February 10, 2008

More information than you'd ever need on the new Toy Story attraction!

The New York Times published an extensive article today on Disney's California Adventure, discussing its unpopularity among guests (compare 6 million visitors/year to Disneyland's 15 million), and plans for refurbishment.

Disney cast members take a test spin on Toy Story Mania. J. Emilio Flores for the New York Times, 2008.

However, one of the more notable features of the piece was the staggering amount of information on DCA's new attraction, Toy Story Mania. If you've visited DCA recently, it's clear that something major is being built. Now, though, we've got plenty of information to help better imagine what exactly is going on!

  • Toy Story Mania will open in June 2008, after over three years of planning, designing, and building.
  • The attraction is estimated to cost $80 million.
  • The ride is designed to put guests "inside a video game," by having riders wear 3-D glasses and play "virtual-reality versions of classic carnival games" on large screens.
  • If you plan on working at Toy Story Mania, be prepared: Your costume will be based off the outfits of "Toy Story" characters.
  • Mr. Potato Head himself will star as a 5'0" tall animatronic figure in the attraction queue of Toy Story Mania. Spoiler Alert: Much like DCA's Monsters, Inc. ride, where a cast member-controlled animatronic figure of "Roz" makes specific comments about riders, Mr. Potato Head will talk to guests waiting in line.

The original article is much longer than this entry, and features more information about DCA in general. If you'd like to read more, here's the link.

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Anonymous said...

I hope this ride is a bit more exciting than the monsters inc. ride! That ride was a little disappointing in my opinion.